Kill Cliff

Main Page Number Thirty Four


When your BFF's hit the main page, it's a proud moment. Here's Scott cheering on John Winters at a fund raiser. It's also Scott's third time hitting the main page in 12 days, what a superstar._DSC3418

Main Page Number Thirty Three


Everything in life is cyclical, but working your ass off and trying to get on requires a lot of patience. There are long months when I submit amazing content and it never gets used, then you catch fire and they post three of your pictures in one week. I honestly don't submit that many pictures, maybe 5 per month, it really depends on whether I'm getting main page quality pictures. I liked this one of Rasmus because even his sweat is much stronger than the average person's. The rope attached to the sled draws your eyes into this powerful athlete. My only concern was that it didn't show his face, although it gives it a mysterious feel._DSC7225s

Main Page Number Thirty Two


Looks like CrossFit's hottest couple is back on the main page four days later. This picture was from CrossFit Open workout 16.2. It's very similar to my 15.4 picture that made it on the main page (See 15.4 Here) where the judge is actually what tells the story of the picture. Scott complains that he's been on the main page twice, but hasn't actually been working out. He complains about everything, so it means he's happy._DSC0178s

East Regional

The East Regional was the second round of Regionals for me in 2015. I got to see some new teams and athletes I had never heard of or seen before. I find Mat Frasier entertaining, he's skilled, powerful and emotional. Frasier was leading the entire weekend by what seemed like a wide margin. The men's side of  He's getting better at engaging the fans during and after workouts. CrossFit New England almost had two teams qualify for the games and partying with their team afterwards was a blast. Heather Bergeron is easily the best dancer in Boston.

South Regional

It only took me seven months, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the South Regional. I got to shoot this region the last two years (in 2014 it was the South West Region). It was cool to have Texas, South West, and Latin America in one Super Regional. The most unique thing about this event is seeing all of the South Americans come into town because it's a long trip for some of them and they soak it up like a bigger event. In some ways it's The CrossFit Games for our South American neighbors. As you can see in the Joyce Rodrigues picture above, their outfits were awesome! I really enjoy covering Hack's Pack, I'm an Andrea Ager fan, my Lil Buddy Maddy Meyers crushed Event #8, and Jenn Jones always has the best outfits. I can't thank Kill Cliff enough for these cool experiences I've gone through with them.

Main Page Number Twenty Three


Dan is a great member that CrossFit Loft is lucky to have. He has a great attitude every single day, works hard, gets stronger, and makes everyone laugh. I'm really happy that I was able to catch his deadlift PR on camera._DSC9060s

Main Page Number Twenty Two - CrossFit Is Community


This was a sweet moment to capture at CrossFit Loft, even though it's something that happens all the time in every CrossFit Gym. It really is the only sport where you see this type of support from everyone. Sharon has come a long way from where she started, just like the rest of us. She was just featured as the member spotlight of the gym a couple days before. You can read it here_DSC9823s

Number Twenty on the Main Page


  This one makes a milestone! After my first main page photo I never imagined that I'd get a second one on there. To have this many selected on is an honor. I'll continue to work hard and learn how to capture a story to share with people. This one is my good friend Jonny Peters at the CrossFit Outcome Tag Team Throwdown. I love the owner, Sal, he's one of my favorite people in Seattle. Full of energy and enthusiasm for life. He makes everyone around him feel like the center of the universe. I love that my wife came with me to judge the event, and I appreciate the effort that everyone put into having a great event._DSC3247s

CrossFit East Regional


What an amazing experience the CrossFit Regionals were for me. I feel extremely fortunate that Kill Cliff had me to cover their athletes in the South, East, and West Regionals. While I did this last year at the Southwest, this was a lot more fun with significantly more experience under my belt. I also got to work alongside some of the best CrossFit photographers in Shaun Cleary - "Super Cleary", David "Benny" Benedict, Tai Randall, Preston Smith, Brian Sullivan, Ted Bonenfont and all of the video guys. I used this as an opportunity to observe their work flow, how they see things, where they shoot, how they cull and edit on a timeline. This definitely helped me to improve as a photographer. One of the biggest surprises is that almost all of these photographers have only been taking pictures for about three years (same for me) so it tells me that everyone is able to learn things pretty quickly.I'll upload galleries in the next few weeks, but I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures of Austin Malleolo in the East Regional._DSC0157

CrossFit Marysville Team

I'm excited to watch the CrossFit Marysville Team represent for the Northwest at the West Super Regional and CrossFit Games. I've watched them these past few years going from a bunch of badass athletes to an amazing team that can lean on each other.

Commercial Photo Shoot

Working with Cole Davis back in January was one of my favorite projects this year. I met him at the Fort Vancouver Invitational and we decided to invite some athletes to hang out with us and take some pictures. It was a great experience for me to learn from him and pick his brain on lighting equipment. I also enjoyed seeing how another photographer works and creates their story. Thank you so much to Ashleigh Moe, Kelsey Nagel, and Lincoln Smith for hanging out with us on a Saturday afternoon. The best compliment we got was from Lincoln Smith at the end of the project when he asked if we had worked together before, because we complimented each others styles so well. 

Operation Underground Railroad

This was one of my favorite events in 2014, a fundraiser to raise money for the prevention of sex slavery. A handful of elite CrossFit athletes came out to Tommy Hackenbrook's Ute CrossFit location. My favorite was Sam Dancer with Stacie Tovar being a close runner-up. Huge thank you to Kill Cliff for sending me there to cover the event.

Main Page Baker's Dozen

Just like the last pic on the main page, this one displays an incredible amount of strength from one of my favorite women in the CrossFit community, Kelsey Nagel. She is the most beautiful woman wherever she goes, she's as strong as the men, and as nice a person as you will meet. Kelsey and I both started at Xplore CrossFit in Downtown Seattle, and you could see the immense talent she was from the minute she started.She was on the CrossFit Marysville team that finished 3rd at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2014._DSC0106s

I Should Have Bought a Lottery Ticket


What an amazing weekend! We had the Stoneway Resolution Revolution Throwdown over in Queen Anne with my amazing teammate Annie Olson. We went up against my wife and training partner Dave. My sister-in-law competed, as well as my great friends Pete and Jodi from Xplore CrossFit. We were all in the same heats for all three workouts and had a great time with each other. One of my favorite memories from the competition was right before we started when one of the stronger competitors (Tia Wright) said to Annie "I thought Dave was your partner, I was really nervous." So I laughed it off and went through the day trying to give each workout my best. We ended up winning the first two workouts, and finished third in the last workout of the day, bested by Dave and Whitney who finished first. Annie and I won the competition and our training partners were right next to us on the podium. We had lots of people from Xplore, Push Box, and CrossFit Loft cheering us on, which was great to experience. Later in the day CrossFit used one of my photos (link goes to post) on their facebook page, which ironically was the same Tia that had a complete disregard for my abilities.DSC_0009The next day we went to brunch with some non-CrossFit friends (which somehow we seem to do less and less of with our new community), so it was great to see them. We followed that up with a Super Bowl party at Terry and Rob's house. Amazing food, great friends, and 30 rabid Seahawk fans cheering our team to victory. After the game we came back to West Seattle to get a drink with Mike Kreiger before heading home.A couple days later I hit the 12th Man Parade which was like nothing I've ever experienced. There were 700,000 of the best fans in the world celebrating with our team.DSC_0306 DSC_0487 DSC_0326DSC_0150 DSC_0162 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0172