Main Page Number Forty!!


I never would have thought that when I submit my first picture to that I would actually have one make the main page, a couple years later and I'm still getting lucky. People ask me all the time I'm constantly submitting content, but the answer is that I only submit the small handful of photos that I think have the main page look. This one I actually submit twice, once last year and once this year as I saw it again. This picture was from the Whiskey Throttle Throwdown. Melanie and Tanya  

Main Page Number Thirty Seven


This picture was from the Invictus camp at CrossFit Marysville, and Rasmus pulling the sled. My favorite thing about the picture is the sweat dripping off his face. He's a great athlete and even nicer human being._DSC7225

Main Page Number Thirty Four


When your BFF's hit the main page, it's a proud moment. Here's Scott cheering on John Winters at a fund raiser. It's also Scott's third time hitting the main page in 12 days, what a superstar._DSC3418

Main Page Number Thirty Three


Everything in life is cyclical, but working your ass off and trying to get on requires a lot of patience. There are long months when I submit amazing content and it never gets used, then you catch fire and they post three of your pictures in one week. I honestly don't submit that many pictures, maybe 5 per month, it really depends on whether I'm getting main page quality pictures. I liked this one of Rasmus because even his sweat is much stronger than the average person's. The rope attached to the sled draws your eyes into this powerful athlete. My only concern was that it didn't show his face, although it gives it a mysterious feel._DSC7225s

Main Page Number Thirty Two


Looks like CrossFit's hottest couple is back on the main page four days later. This picture was from CrossFit Open workout 16.2. It's very similar to my 15.4 picture that made it on the main page (See 15.4 Here) where the judge is actually what tells the story of the picture. Scott complains that he's been on the main page twice, but hasn't actually been working out. He complains about everything, so it means he's happy._DSC0178s

Main Page Number Thirty One


Sometimes you just have get outside and catch a sunset WOD. I love working out with these guys. Scott was definitely trying to help Dafina get some gainz and BAM! people take notice. _DSC5071s

Main Page Number Thirty


Wow, this was one of my favorite pictures taken in the Fall and I think the colors in it reflect that. I really like the purple and yellow blended together, it's like trees inside a CrossFit gym. Katie is a total badass who came to CrossFit Loft from Cincinnati. She's going to kick ass in the open. DSC_0229

Main Page Number Twenty Nine

Here's another great main page photo from the Gains for Good fundraiser that CrossFit Loft hosts annually to help raise money for the local community.  One hundred percent of the money raised is donated to a local family in need. I'm not rich, perfect, or even half as funny as I think I am, but I try to give my time and energy to great causes like this to contribute. Those who have the power to help other should give more. These are the most rewarding moments in the CrossFit community. MLK

Main Page Number Twenty Eight

When I visited Austin back in September for the Cal vs Texas football game, I made it a priority to stop into CrossFit Jääkarhu. Kind of a strange coincidence that one of my best friends from college (Harris Kashtan) grew up with one of the co-owners of Jääkarhu. There's also a couple amazing photographers at that gym, so I wanted to check it out. The workout was tough, but the heat was unbearable for me. Afterwards, I asked Coach Jessica to hop up onto the rings so I could snap a couple pictures and I was lucky enough to have one make it on the main page._DSC3798 Here are a handful of other pictures from Austin 

West Regional

Pretty cool to close out the CrossFit Regionals with one on my home turf. CrossFit Loft had a team and Kill Cliff sponsored three of the teams that qualified for the games in the region.

East Regional

The East Regional was the second round of Regionals for me in 2015. I got to see some new teams and athletes I had never heard of or seen before. I find Mat Frasier entertaining, he's skilled, powerful and emotional. Frasier was leading the entire weekend by what seemed like a wide margin. The men's side of  He's getting better at engaging the fans during and after workouts. CrossFit New England almost had two teams qualify for the games and partying with their team afterwards was a blast. Heather Bergeron is easily the best dancer in Boston.

Main Page Number Twenty Seven


Here's another main page picture of Millie Osborne at CrossFit Loft. I actually submit this about a week ago after seeing the large poster that we made at the gym to hang in our Wall of Fame. I thought it looked like it deserved to be on the main page and BAM! My favorite thing about the CrossFit community is how much it empowers women, and even though Millie was strong and athletic when she first came to CrossFit Loft, she's ten times more confident with herself and her body now. I'm looking forward to watching her grow as an athlete._DSC2597s

South Regional

It only took me seven months, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the South Regional. I got to shoot this region the last two years (in 2014 it was the South West Region). It was cool to have Texas, South West, and Latin America in one Super Regional. The most unique thing about this event is seeing all of the South Americans come into town because it's a long trip for some of them and they soak it up like a bigger event. In some ways it's The CrossFit Games for our South American neighbors. As you can see in the Joyce Rodrigues picture above, their outfits were awesome! I really enjoy covering Hack's Pack, I'm an Andrea Ager fan, my Lil Buddy Maddy Meyers crushed Event #8, and Jenn Jones always has the best outfits. I can't thank Kill Cliff enough for these cool experiences I've gone through with them.

CrossFit Games

Better late than never, here's some of my favorite pictures from the CrossFit Games

Main Page Number Twenty Six

And another one makes from the FU-Cancer Throwdown. Fundraisers are by far my favorite competition to cover. This one is Rich Wolff from CrossFit X in Bellingham_DSC5242

Main Page Number Twenty Five


This main page photo was from the FU-Cancer Throwdown at my friends gym on Bainbridge Island. I always love shooting fundraisers, because it's more about the cause than competition. I never like to charge for my services at these, so the main page photo is a great bonus. _DSC9797s