South Regional

It only took me seven months, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the South Regional. I got to shoot this region the last two years (in 2014 it was the South West Region). It was cool to have Texas, South West, and Latin America in one Super Regional. The most unique thing about this event is seeing all of the South Americans come into town because it's a long trip for some of them and they soak it up like a bigger event. In some ways it's The CrossFit Games for our South American neighbors. As you can see in the Joyce Rodrigues picture above, their outfits were awesome! I really enjoy covering Hack's Pack, I'm an Andrea Ager fan, my Lil Buddy Maddy Meyers crushed Event #8, and Jenn Jones always has the best outfits. I can't thank Kill Cliff enough for these cool experiences I've gone through with them.