CrossFit Loft

Main Page Number Thirty Four


When your BFF's hit the main page, it's a proud moment. Here's Scott cheering on John Winters at a fund raiser. It's also Scott's third time hitting the main page in 12 days, what a superstar._DSC3418

Main Page Number Thirty Three


Everything in life is cyclical, but working your ass off and trying to get on requires a lot of patience. There are long months when I submit amazing content and it never gets used, then you catch fire and they post three of your pictures in one week. I honestly don't submit that many pictures, maybe 5 per month, it really depends on whether I'm getting main page quality pictures. I liked this one of Rasmus because even his sweat is much stronger than the average person's. The rope attached to the sled draws your eyes into this powerful athlete. My only concern was that it didn't show his face, although it gives it a mysterious feel._DSC7225s

Main Page Number Thirty Two


Looks like CrossFit's hottest couple is back on the main page four days later. This picture was from CrossFit Open workout 16.2. It's very similar to my 15.4 picture that made it on the main page (See 15.4 Here) where the judge is actually what tells the story of the picture. Scott complains that he's been on the main page twice, but hasn't actually been working out. He complains about everything, so it means he's happy._DSC0178s

Main Page Number Thirty One


Sometimes you just have get outside and catch a sunset WOD. I love working out with these guys. Scott was definitely trying to help Dafina get some gainz and BAM! people take notice. _DSC5071s

Main Page Number Twenty Seven


Here's another main page picture of Millie Osborne at CrossFit Loft. I actually submit this about a week ago after seeing the large poster that we made at the gym to hang in our Wall of Fame. I thought it looked like it deserved to be on the main page and BAM! My favorite thing about the CrossFit community is how much it empowers women, and even though Millie was strong and athletic when she first came to CrossFit Loft, she's ten times more confident with herself and her body now. I'm looking forward to watching her grow as an athlete._DSC2597s

Main Page Number Twenty Two - CrossFit Is Community


This was a sweet moment to capture at CrossFit Loft, even though it's something that happens all the time in every CrossFit Gym. It really is the only sport where you see this type of support from everyone. Sharon has come a long way from where she started, just like the rest of us. She was just featured as the member spotlight of the gym a couple days before. You can read it here_DSC9823s

Number Twenty on the Main Page


  This one makes a milestone! After my first main page photo I never imagined that I'd get a second one on there. To have this many selected on is an honor. I'll continue to work hard and learn how to capture a story to share with people. This one is my good friend Jonny Peters at the CrossFit Outcome Tag Team Throwdown. I love the owner, Sal, he's one of my favorite people in Seattle. Full of energy and enthusiasm for life. He makes everyone around him feel like the center of the universe. I love that my wife came with me to judge the event, and I appreciate the effort that everyone put into having a great event._DSC3247s

Battle On Admiral

One of my favorite competitions, I've covered it the last two years at CrossFit West Seattle and they've had three photos from their event on the main page, and a couple others on HQ's social media.

Sweet Sixteen


These are some of my best friends, but also my extended family. Dave Shephard and Annie Olson are closer to me than my actual siblings. They're both extremely giving with their time and energy, but some of the most interesting people I've had the opportunity to meet in my adult life. I remember doing this workout with these guys last summer and it kicked my ass. Dave always pushed me to go past the point of "If I quit here I'm okay with that". He's wicked smart  and is busy getting an MBA at Harvard Business School, but I can't wait until he comes back in a year and a half.And Annie.... A whole other level of special person. I'm lucky to call her my friend. DSC_0404s

Muscles For Marysville


There's one thing that I hate about my life right now, my wife and I work too much and it takes away from our ability to volunteer in our communities. We both work full-time jobs, we have our CrossFit schedule, we coach once or twice a week at the gym, I've been taking on photography projects almost every weekend, and then we tack on a full social schedule so we don't lose touch of friends. We get home most nights between 8 and 9:30PM and do it all over again. When I was asked to cover this event that was raising money for the victims of the Marysville shootings - I told them I wanted to volunteer and not be paid for this. I often have strong emotional reactions when I'm taking pictures, but these moments when I can give back for a great cause last with me for much longer.I'm very thankful for the CrossFit community and the overwhelming support that it continues to display for those in need. This day there were over $50,000 raised. Here's my pic of Cole Sager, Noah Pester, and Ryan Swobody that made it on the main page November 6th, and if you'd like to see the rest of my photos from the event you can go to the CrossFit Loft facebook albumMuscles for Marysville Album _DSC6120s Main Page Number Eight

One of my favorite things about photography is that it's a continuous learning experience. I wish I knew immediately if I wanted a picture to lean towards the warm or cool side, but to be honest, I never know until I play with them. I've started using the SLR Lounge V6 Presets and these have taken my photos to another level. I used to add some of these manually using Photoshop, but I prefer Lightroom because it's faster.I love this picture of Tyler, the blue tint contrasting with the gold shorts. Often I like to take a warm subject and put them in a cooler environment and vice-versa, which is exactly what happened here. Not pictured is that a couple minutes before this picture, Ty was barely jumping. I explained that these are broad jumps and he better go all out.If you want to take a look at the SLR Lounge presets, you can order them by clicking here  _DSC0419s

South Seattle CrossFit Represents


Jennifer Ann Sahlberg coaches at South Seattle CrossFit, compete in numerous local competitions and is known by her members as Juicy-J. This girl is pure badass and she has fun doing it. This pic was taken during the final day of the Seattle Affiliate League and just used by CrossFit HQ Facebook page today on the facebook page. _DSC2980s

Lucky Number 6

I guess photography is no different than everything else in life that comes in waves. I had my first two main page photos within the same week last November, got one more in December of 2013 then BAM! three within five weeks. I never realized how big of a difference a full-frame camera would make. I talked myself out of one for about six months saying that I didn't need a wider landscape, but I've seen a big change in my photo quality, most notably less amputations of limbs. I think three main page photos in that short time is evidence of that. I still believe that 80% of taking good CrossFit photos is being there to capture the moment. The other twenty percent is divided evenly between knowing the camera inside and out (the boring part) and knowing where to be in relation to the athlete (experience). One last thing to note is that I couldn't be more proud of the fact these last three have all been at CrossFit Loft in West Seattle. _DSC0725s