Rasmus Wisbech Andersen

Main Page Number Thirty Seven


This picture was from the Invictus camp at CrossFit Marysville, and Rasmus pulling the sled. My favorite thing about the picture is the sweat dripping off his face. He's a great athlete and even nicer human being._DSC7225

Main Page Number Thirty Three


Everything in life is cyclical, but working your ass off and trying to get on CrossFit.com requires a lot of patience. There are long months when I submit amazing content and it never gets used, then you catch fire and they post three of your pictures in one week. I honestly don't submit that many pictures, maybe 5 per month, it really depends on whether I'm getting main page quality pictures. I liked this one of Rasmus because even his sweat is much stronger than the average person's. The rope attached to the sled draws your eyes into this powerful athlete. My only concern was that it didn't show his face, although it gives it a mysterious feel._DSC7225s