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Sometimes you just have get outside and catch a sunset WOD. I love working out with these guys. Scott was definitely trying to help Dafina get some gainz and BAM! people take notice. _DSC5071s

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One of my favorite things about photography is that it's a continuous learning experience. I wish I knew immediately if I wanted a picture to lean towards the warm or cool side, but to be honest, I never know until I play with them. I've started using the SLR Lounge V6 Presets and these have taken my photos to another level. I used to add some of these manually using Photoshop, but I prefer Lightroom because it's faster.I love this picture of Tyler, the blue tint contrasting with the gold shorts. Often I like to take a warm subject and put them in a cooler environment and vice-versa, which is exactly what happened here. Not pictured is that a couple minutes before this picture, Ty was barely jumping. I explained that these are broad jumps and he better go all out.If you want to take a look at the SLR Lounge presets, you can order them by clicking here  _DSC0419s

I Should Have Bought a Lottery Ticket


What an amazing weekend! We had the Stoneway Resolution Revolution Throwdown over in Queen Anne with my amazing teammate Annie Olson. We went up against my wife and training partner Dave. My sister-in-law competed, as well as my great friends Pete and Jodi from Xplore CrossFit. We were all in the same heats for all three workouts and had a great time with each other. One of my favorite memories from the competition was right before we started when one of the stronger competitors (Tia Wright) said to Annie "I thought Dave was your partner, I was really nervous." So I laughed it off and went through the day trying to give each workout my best. We ended up winning the first two workouts, and finished third in the last workout of the day, bested by Dave and Whitney who finished first. Annie and I won the competition and our training partners were right next to us on the podium. We had lots of people from Xplore, Push Box, and CrossFit Loft cheering us on, which was great to experience. Later in the day CrossFit used one of my photos (link goes to post) on their facebook page, which ironically was the same Tia that had a complete disregard for my abilities.DSC_0009The next day we went to brunch with some non-CrossFit friends (which somehow we seem to do less and less of with our new community), so it was great to see them. We followed that up with a Super Bowl party at Terry and Rob's house. Amazing food, great friends, and 30 rabid Seahawk fans cheering our team to victory. After the game we came back to West Seattle to get a drink with Mike Kreiger before heading home.A couple days later I hit the 12th Man Parade which was like nothing I've ever experienced. There were 700,000 of the best fans in the world celebrating with our team.DSC_0306 DSC_0487 DSC_0326DSC_0150 DSC_0162 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0172

Weird Wednesday 10.23.2013

Kind of a strange morning for me. If you don't know my wife, she's not a morning person, but she was planning on going to the gym with me in the morning anyway. Getting her out of bed in the morning is very similar to trying to give a house cat a bath with a garden hose.With a couple minutes before it's time to leave she decides she's staying home, then flips again and decides to go. I typically ride my bike to the gym, but we drove and threw my bike in the back of the car. Workout was good, got a new front squat 5RM PR and did a killer workout (100 TTB for time with a 50 Double Under penalty every time you dropped).I was feeling good, and even caught a bus at the last second before it left West Seattle. Something was strange when I got on the bus though, traffic to the bridge was backed up about 12 blocks,  which was more than I've ever seen. We get on the West Seattle Bridge and all lanes are bumper to bumper except the bus lane. Apparently a car was flipped on Highway 99 and the bus driver didn't even take the route. Instead he takes the next exit and gets off in SODO and starts driving towards downtown. I've been on the bus for 20 minutes at this point and Whitney texts me asking where I left the car key. I look in my pocket and notice I accidentally took it with me. I get another text from her saying that she left her house keys in the car, so getting a ride home wasn't an option. My wife is a fiery Leo and like her father, lacks patience in difficult situations. She even texted saying that she was ready to break the car window......So I get off downtown, ride my bike back to the bus stop and head back to West Seattle to drop off the car key. The first thing I said to her was "I'm glad you kept your composure, because I almost lost it". We are a perfect balance.2013-09-21 07.18.42