Main Page Number Twenty Nine

Here's another great main page photo from the Gains for Good fundraiser that CrossFit Loft hosts annually to help raise money for the local community.  One hundred percent of the money raised is donated to a local family in need. I'm not rich, perfect, or even half as funny as I think I am, but I try to give my time and energy to great causes like this to contribute. Those who have the power to help other should give more. These are the most rewarding moments in the CrossFit community. MLK

Main Page Baker's Dozen

Just like the last pic on the main page, this one displays an incredible amount of strength from one of my favorite women in the CrossFit community, Kelsey Nagel. She is the most beautiful woman wherever she goes, she's as strong as the men, and as nice a person as you will meet. Kelsey and I both started at Xplore CrossFit in Downtown Seattle, and you could see the immense talent she was from the minute she started.She was on the CrossFit Marysville team that finished 3rd at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2014._DSC0106s

Lucky Number 6

I guess photography is no different than everything else in life that comes in waves. I had my first two main page photos within the same week last November, got one more in December of 2013 then BAM! three within five weeks. I never realized how big of a difference a full-frame camera would make. I talked myself out of one for about six months saying that I didn't need a wider landscape, but I've seen a big change in my photo quality, most notably less amputations of limbs. I think three main page photos in that short time is evidence of that. I still believe that 80% of taking good CrossFit photos is being there to capture the moment. The other twenty percent is divided evenly between knowing the camera inside and out (the boring part) and knowing where to be in relation to the athlete (experience). One last thing to note is that I couldn't be more proud of the fact these last three have all been at CrossFit Loft in West Seattle. _DSC0725s