November is very quickly becoming one of my favorite months. It started off strong on November 6th when my boss asked me to update a PowerPoint for him. I emailed him back asking if he needed it right away or whether I could get to in the afternoon. He responds that I need to update it right away and present it at the Patient Experience Committee meeting in two hours, which includes our CEO and a handful of administrators. Meeting went well except for this one guy who fell asleep.dude-sleeping-istock_000007055783mediumThen later that evening I get a text from my buddy Ryan Calkins thanking me for one of my photos that made it on the CrossFit.com main page (link goes directly to the photo). I felt like this was a huge accomplishment to be selected from the thousands of photos that are submitted on a daily basis.I also decided to take Friday, November 8th off because I'm planning on turning all of my three day holiday weekends (Veteran's Day) into four day weekends from now on. Not only do four day weekends feel exponentially longer than three day weekends, the four day work weeks on both sides of the weekend feel much shorter.Then on Tuesday, November 12th a picture of my wife was selected to the CrossFit.com main page (link goes directly to the photo), giving me another notch in my proverbial photography belt. I don't know any other local photographers who have had even a single photo selected for the main site, let alone two. This is actually one of my favorite photos that I've taken and edited.Fast forward to a three day work week during with Thanksgiving and this might be my favorite month of all time. Since it was our first holiday in the new house we decided to host. We broke up the cooking and did the turkey, mashed potatoes, and appetizers. My mother-in-law brought the apple pies, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and some crab dip. Grandma Toni brought pumpkin pies, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and ambrosia fruit salad. We finally got to use the Kate Spade china we got for our wedding gifts. Side note : I would not recommend anyone having china on their wedding registry as you only use it maybe once a year. I would much rather have something that we use on a daily basis.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe month ended on a high note as my wife and I sat around and watched football most of the day. We saw the best Ohio State vs Michigan game we've ever seen, and then one of the best endings to a football game of all time in the Iron Bowl. My wife booked tickets to Teatro ZinZanni, which is part circus, part dinner theater. The contortionist was my favorite part, but I also loved my wife in her cute new hat. I'm thankful that she thinks of things like this for me to experience.

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