Main Page Number Twenty Four


This one was from a coach portrait session I did with Bethanee Randles at CrossFit Outcome. They are some of my favorite people at that gym, committed to creating a healthy community. Bethanee is relatively new to CrossFit and brings that enthusiasm that comes with it. I'm very excited to watch her develop as a coach and athlete. The thing I loved most about this picture is how it captures the Northwest CrossFit Life. Bethanee

Lucky Number 7

When I first saw this picture, I told my friend Roger that he should expect to be on the main page. If you can figure out what CrossFit is looking for, you have a good shot of being on the main page. The only tip I'll give is that they look for technically perfect photos. This is one of my favorite photos, because there's a story behind it. This was my wife's birthday weekend at Lake Southerland with two of my favorite families, the Calkins' and the Parks's. Roger has a sweet home gym (vacation home) setup and I knew this is exactly what they wanted to see. _DSC7882s _DSC7661s_DSC7866s_DSC7807s