CrossFit Team Series

Fourteen on the Main Page


Here's another main page photo of Chelsea Jung, I was on a plane sitting next to Cole Sager when this one popped up. He was congratulating me on getting a handful of photos on the main page and as I went to to explain the formula this one appeared at the top of the page. My fourth in the month of November, and from my home gym. My favorite subtle detail is Chelsea's purple hair.This was from the CrossFit Team Series_DSC5653s Main Page Number Nine

I feel like my photography is very cyclical, just like my dating life when I was single, job hunt when unemployed, and performances doing CrossFIt. Sometimes you hit a lull, and other times it seems it feels like the universe is perfectly aligned to reward you. Two main page photos in 9 days, which is actually the second time this has happened for me. I find consistency to be the hardest aspect of sports or personal relationships , but as I continue to grow as a photographer, consistincy is what I'm seeking. This photo was part of the CrossFit Team Series  and I thought it had main page potential when I saw it. It tells a story, has an elite athlete, olympic lifitng and American flag. _DSC5469s