CrossFit Kids

Main Page Double Digits

Well that was certainly unexpected, but back-to-back main page photos is by far the best CrossFit photography experience for me. Part of that might be because the first three times I made it on, I didn’t find out until a week later….. Noob, I know.I really liked this picture of Kellan Cerillo, and I think it captures the story perfectly. You don't see any other athletes in the picture, because Kellen was putting in the work on his own time. This was taken in the summer and you can see how the picture captures his work ethic and intensity, showing true grit with the desire to improve. Thank you to Dan Cerillo for hosting me that afternoon and letting me take pics. I sent this to him right after I took it and told him to have his son autograph it before he gets too famous. _DSC1240es


I love when CrossFit HQ uses my photos on their social media, and it happened three times in the last two days, twice on Instagram and once on Facebook. The picture of Tommy Hackenbruck was probably my favorite from the Southwest Regional, and then Rory is one of my favorite people in the sport. The one on Facebook was of Sae Young, the daughter of two of our members. She's adorable _DSC1725s _DSC2504sDSC_0435s